Dr. Wadih El Hage was born on May 20, 1939, in Baskinta (Lebanon). His school years were spent first in the Frere School Baskinta and later in Frere School Gemmayze, where he got his high school degree. His most inspiring educational years were spent in Montpellier (France), in 1968, where he chose his life path in medicine and pursued a very successful career later on. In 1978, Wadih El Hage met Silvia Habib who became his wife and lifelong partner, with whom he had two children: Faten and Razi.

At a time where medicine was a prestigious profession, and the sick a mere client; Wadih El Hage used it for his humanitarian cause. He wasn’t known for discovering any complex remedy for a deadly disease, rather he was known for never turning away anyone – whomever they might’ve been. He was like a safe haven for the poor and in need, at any time and any place. Even during the Lebanese civil war, he would risk his life by going from a place to another, regardless of the firing bullets and bombings, in his personal quest of saving lives.

The people of the Metn and Kesourwan districts, their small villages and big cities –especially Baskinta, all agreed that there was something about his kind smile, confident walk, broad shoulders, nice words that could simply put anyone at rest and ease. He would go from house to house, person to person, all around and yet never accept any type of fee. Seeing all those he helped grow better and get their health back was all he needed to go on.

Dr. Wadih El Hage didn’t only want to serve people as a medical doctor, but also as human rights activist in the service, development and economic sectors. He held core belief that a strong healthy country can only be made by strong and worthy people. The “people’s lover” –as he was known- quietly passed away on 28 August, 2009. His body died that day but his soul still lives on within his children, people and foundation, who all still carry his legacy on.